State:  Proposed Study Area is Greater Kansas River Basin (Milford, Tuttle, Delaware, Middle Kansas, Lower Kansas, Upper Wakrarusa, Cedar Bluff, Smoky Hill, Solomon WRAPS; Upper Kansas Critical Conservation Areas & Heritage Streams (Seven Mile Creek, Illinois Creek, Mill Creek, Wildcat Creek); Other Critical Conservation Areas (Upper Smoky Hill, playas, Smoky Valley Ranch, Lesser Prairie Chicken Focal Areas, Talmo, Jamestown, Lovewell)
  • Primary Resource Concerns: Water Quality Degradation, Soil Health, Erosion
  • Secondary Resource Concerns: Insufficient Water (Base Flow); Degraded Plant Condition & Pest Control (Grazing Management)
  • Fish & Wildlife Cover, Shelter and Water (Streams, Grasslands, Wetlands, Playas, Native Fish & Mussels,  Migratory Birds, Lesser Prairie Chicken, Upland Birds)
* Note: State Proposal since would like to have lag time to develop relationships with Nebraska for future National RCPP to include Headwaters of Tuttle and Milford Watershed Partners.

State RCPP Framework