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Charter Rules

Charter Rules (Draft 3.12.15)

  •  Science-based systems approach with basin or ecoregional delivery focus;
  • Partnership-driven;
  • Inclusive and representative, building trust and a sense of fairness and equitable opportunity;
  • Transparent and open-source;
  • Communication among stakeholders at all levels with sustained commitment to building ecological and economic resilience for land owners and managers and the embedded ecosystems;
  • Delivery of long-term, integrated landscape-level solutions and results, with permanent protections for sensitive and strategic ecosystems, connectivity corridors and natural attenuation components;
  • Efficient and cost-effective delivery of ecosystem goods and services across basins and ecoregions;
  • Purposeful outcomes with measurable impacts;
  • Continuing evaluation and improvement;
  • Connected from land owners to researchers with feedback loops to identify necessary adjustments to programs and practices and to provide sustained service learning opportunities for Kansas citizens;
  •   Iterative adjustments of the Big Tent Partnership charter to identify and preserve the “best” conservation future for existing and forthcoming generations of Kansas citizens and their natural heritage while sustaining and creating opportunities for high quality of life today.